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Club Rince (Irish for dance and pronounced Ring-Ka) is New Jersey's premier Irish Dance school established to teach, share and enjoy all aspects of Irish Dance & Culture with a focus on performance over competition.

Community and creativity are the essence of our dance school and drive Dance Masters Erin Hayes and Andrew Vickers of Galway Ireland. Classes here are more than recreational and aim to bring out the best in each and every dancer. Our youth and adult programs focus on the individual dancer and show progress through a curriculum of traditional and contemporary Irish Dance steps and choreography.

Performance opportunities and community exhibitions give our budding dance students the opportunity to share their talent on the local stage as well as on the professional stage nationally and internationally in Andrew & Erin's own touring productions. Class offerings for dancers ages 2 through adult, weekdays and weekends at their brand new, state of the art studio on Main St, Chester New Jersey.

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