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Club Rince Andrew Vickers Irish Dance New Jersey
Irish Dance New Jersey Andrew Vickers
Andrew Vickers (Galway, Ireland) began Irish Dancing at the age of 9. After training with some of the best instructors in Ireland he began performing internationally at the young age of 15! His first major roles were as principal dancer for shows Spirit of Ireland, To Dance on the Moon, Dance of Desire and Magic of The Dance.
Along with Choreography for some of these shows, Vickers is credited with choreography for Canadian based productions The Magic of Ireland and The Echoes of Ireland, the latter, a stage show written by Limerick brothers Frank and Malachy McCourt authors of Angela's Ashes.
Andrew holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Dance Performance from The University of Limerick, Ireland where he studied a wide variety of regional styles from throughout Ireland along with other folk world, folk and percussive dance genres. He has been invited to perform by various music groups and orchestras including Guninness Book of World Records Fastest Fiddler Frankie Gavin and De Dannan and The Dubai Philharmonic Orchestra.
Since moving the US Andrew has been invited to present specialised Masterclasses for professional Irish Dance Company "Trinity", Chicago, The Irish Arts Center, NYC and The Chidrens Museum of Arts, NYC among others. Andrew is also the creator and Principle dancer of Imagine Ireland The Show - opening in Spring Lake Theater Spring 2016.

Erin Hayes began dancing at the young age of 3 and was enrolled in Irish dancing at the age 5. Under the instruction of Iris and Maura Gray, Erin quickly accelerated to international stages competing at the World Championships in 2002 and 2003. A devastating injury in 2003 ended a competitive career but Erin persevered on and returned to dancing after receiving a performing arts scholarship to college.


Erin holds a Masters of Science degree in Dance Science from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and City University, London, and a BA in Dance Science (Self-designed) from Mahattanville College, Purchase, New York.


Erin has performed professionally in the touring productions Magic of the Dance, Magic of Ireland, and Echoes of Ireland as well as New York City based dance company Darrah Carr Dance; and with world-renowned music groups including Teada and Eileen Ivers. Completing tours of the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, Taiwan, and Africa.


In addition to Club Rince, Erin is also the creator of Titanium Dance Wellness. TDW was founded on the mission to educate and empower young dancers to perform at their best - to prevent dance injuries one dancer at a time through educational programs, one-on-one coaching and dancer screenings. Erin’s passion for dance injury prevention stems from her own debilitating injury at age 14.



Erin and Andrew met while performing together in Echoes of Ireland, a new Irish musical featuring works from Frank McCourt, in 2009 in Canada. They have toured the world together, enjoying the amazing experiences Irish Dancing has afforded to them. From North America to Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa, Andrew and Erin have danced in almost every continent (South America, we are coming for you!)


Club Rince is a dream realized after many late night chats on what we feel Irish Dancing does best. We wanted to create a community that enjoys the artisty of Irish Dance without the pressures of competition; teach dancers the art of performing for the stage and the creative process of how dances come together. A dancing school that is focused on performance and not winning titles; where everyone 'fits in' and has a place in 'the big show'. Club Rince was born on these ideals and strives to expand across New Jersey.


Erin and Andrew currently reside in New Jersey with their daughters, Isla and Áine. In addition to Club Rince, Andrew and Erin run TItanium Dance Wellness, Andrew Vickers Dance, and produced Imagine Ireland - the Show, which opened in Spring Lake, New Jersey to a sold out crowd and will return to stages again soon!

Erin and Andrew in Galway, 2016
Andrew Vickers
Andrew and Isla, Pulses of Tradition
Erin and Andrew, Galway 2015
Erin and Isla, Times Square 2015
Erin & Andrew Wedding, 2014
Erin and Andrew, Red Square
Erin and Andrew, Magic of the Dance
Erin and Andrew meet Liam Niesson
Erin and Andrew, Magic of the Dance
Erin and Andrew, Magic of the Dance
Andrew, Club Rince Instructor
Andrew, Magic of the Dance
Andrew Vickers, Club Rince Instructo
Erin Hayes, Club Rince instructor
Andrew Vickers, Club Rince Instructo
Andrew Vickers, Club Rince Instructo


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