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Adult Irish Dance

It's never too late to start Irish Dance Classes!

Here at our studio we have adult dancers ranging in age from 23 to 73 years old and classes to suit all levels and abilities

"As an Adult dancer I have felt so much a part of the dance family. They’re so talented and so patient with us." Karen (adult dancer)

About our program

Come join a vibrant and fun adult dance community brought together through the love of Irish music, dance and culture. Dancers range in age from 23 to 73! Our absolute beginner classes will start at the VERY beginning. You will progress through the traditional dances of Ireland, learning directly from Dance masters Andrew Vickers and Erin Hayes. Hailing from Galway, Ireland - Andrew holds a masters degree in Traditional Irish Dance. He infuses classic dance class with history and his robust knowledge of the art form. Classes are fun, great for fitness, and friendship. Club Rince offers classes at all skill levels - absolute beginner, foundations, and progressive. Soft shoe and hard shoe!



Irish dance 101

No experience necessary. This class is an introduction to the basic Irish Dance steps and dances. Rolling admission recommended for absolute beginners. 



A focus on the more traditional Irish Soft shoe dance such as reels, Light Jigs, Hop Jigs and slip jigs. Hard shoe optional on certain days.



For dancers with at least the dances taught at the foundation level. A faster paced class learning more intricate steps and footwork in both soft shoe and hard shoe.



Dedicated to those who want to perform as part of a group or team learning the traditional social dances of Ireland in a few formats including set dancing and figure dancing.

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