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Special Needs
irish dance

A brand new program this year invites special needs children to participate in our Irish Dance classes. All dancers will have the opportunity to be part of a year round dance program with performance opportunities in our shows, parades and community exhibitions.

"As an Adult dancer I have felt so much a part of the dance family. They’re so talented and so patient with us." Karen (adult dancer)

About our program

A judgment free, stare free, safe space for children and families of children with Autism, significant developmental & speech delays, and sensory processing disorder. This class is ideal for children that require additional processing time with plenty of repetition and familiar structure each class. Parents/caregivers are required to be present and participate with their child allowing them to learn at their own pace with a familiar face.

Class run time is 45 mins with time allotted at the start and end of each class for dancers to arrive and leave without being rushed. Music volume is kept at a minimal level with sensory devices such as swings, slides, trampoline, and crash pads available for children to use to help self-regulate if needed. Easy to follow movements and steps grounded in Irish Dance and set to traditional Irish and popular music are taught using a combination of visual & verbal prompts and cues.

Dancers from our youth and adult programs will from time to time be present as peer models to allow for an inclusive environment. A limited number of spaces will be available for each class.

After registration, please expect an email and phone call from the directors and instructors to learn more about your dancer and how best they will be supported in this program.

Get in touch now for more information or to register click the button below.


As parents of a child with Autism we have been searching for a program that understands. This is a safe space for other families to and we can't wait to meet you!



Our program is designed to make sure every dancer has equal opportunity. 

Performance and social opportunities are at the heart of what we do.


We know it takes time to get to know your dancer and for them to feel comfortable in a new environment. Familiar and repetitive structure is delivered at each class to relieve stress and allow for an enjoyable experience.



Above all we can't wait to meet and dance with new friends. Irish dance at its core is about building friendships through a shared medium. Dance friends are the best friends. Parents will also benefit from meeting like minded families through our classes and events.

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